1/14/17 Toledo, Marta Ruedas

Marta Ruedas prepares to hit the ball in during Purdue's win against Toledo on Jan. 14 at Basham Courts at the Schwartz Tennis Center.

The Boilers ended their Saturday double header with a 6-1 victory over the Toledo Rockets Saturday night.

In the doubles matches the Boilers (2-0) started strong with freshman Alex Sabe and sophomore Marta Ruedas decisively winning the No. 3 slot 6-0, while senior Andjela Djokovic and freshman Caitlin Calkins won their match 6-3.

To follow up their success in doubles the team put on a strong singles performance.

Freshman Rafaella Baquerizo continued her collegiate debut with two 6-2 set wins against Toledo sophomore Claire Aleck. Her win lead the way for Djokovic to follow up with a 6-3 and 6-2 win of her own to put the Boilers up 3-0 overall.

Senior Nicole Robinson found a challenge against junior Sidnay Huck being stopped 4-6 and 1-6 in both sets. That loss would be the only one for the night.

Ruedas was then able to close the victory for the Boilers with a 6-4 set and 6-1 set to put the Boilers up 4-1.

A tiebreaker win from both redshirt freshman Grace Schaffer and Sabe closed out the match for the team for their 6-1 finish.

The Boilers next match is a double header Sunday Jan. 22 in the Schwartz Tennis Center.

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