2/8/11 vs. Indiana, Chris Blaney

Chris Blaney, junior in Krannert School of Management, during Purdue's 67-53 victory over Indiana Feb. 8.

The Mackey Madman is used to seeing himself on video boards for highlight reels, but after watching short films promoting the Paint Crew, he thinks his acting could use a little work.

Chris Blaney can easily be recognized at men’s basketball games by his crazed Purdue getup. His outfit and enthusiasm quickly earned him a position as the unofficial face of the Paint Crew. For these reasons it was an obvious choice for him to be part of a video series titled “Beneath the Paint” that starred the Paint Crew and was premiered during the 2011-2012 season. The videos have now been nominated as a finalist in the Program Series category for the College Sports Media Awards.

“It’s fantastic,” Blaney said. “Not so much for myself, but for the Paint Crew as an organization to have it recognized. Things like this put the Paint Crew on the map.”

As for the acting part of the whole experience – he tried.

“The scenes at Mackey were fine because it’s my element,” Blaney said. “But being in actor mode and reading stuff off cue cards, I kind of got used to it. It was tough because obviously, the production team has a specific vision and I was a newbie at acting.”

The films were produced by Hall of Music Productions in collaboration with the Paint Crew and the men’s basketball program beginning in the fall of 2011.

Scott Horton, creative director for Hall of Music Productions, said Hall of Music productions is responsible for many things fans see on the video board at athletic events.

He even donned a Purdue uniform himself for B-roll shots and by doing so, received memorable reactions from students.

“I threw the football uniform on and me and a camera guy drove out to the intramural fields in this big white SUV,” Horton said. “We roll up, jump out – full football uniform – and start doing stuff. He’s shooting me and everyone’s kind of like, ‘What is that?’ Then we got the shot, jumped back in the truck and left, and everyone was like, ‘What did I just see?’”

The making of these videos gathered similar reactions as scenes included marches through campus, yelling a chant on a CityBus, and Blaney fully-clad in his game day outfit in a class.

Horton said the shot of Blaney in class is an result of an idea he has wanted to incorporate into his work for 10 years. In order to get the shot, he made a deal to go into the class and instruct the students on what he was doing as he was doing it.

“One of our team members teaches some courses in film and video studies and that was one of his classes,” Horton said. “Chris comes walking through – it was in University Hall – and he walked in and everyone’s like ‘It’s that guy’ ... He’s almost like his own little celebrity.”

Blaney said he felt a little awkward being on campus in all his gear but he was able to enjoy himself.

“I was sitting in the classroom trying to make small talk,” Blaney said. “It’s hard when you’re in face paint and your game day clothes for people to take you seriously but I think that’s the irony of the shot. It was a fun experience.”

Hall of Music Productions also received honorable mentions for the women’s basketball fire up and season banquet videos. The winners of the final awards will be handed out at the College Sports Video Summit in Atlanta on June 6.

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