After a nearly record-breaking season ending 37-19, the Boilers look forward to their Friday night appearance as No. 2 seed in the Chapel Hill Regional of the NCAA tournament.

“We’re excited for the opportunity and we’re ready to get to work,” senior Tanner Andrews said in a taped interview earlier in the week while his team met at the Stacked Pickle in West Lafayette.

Purdue baseball will play Houston at 7 p.m. Friday at North Carolina’s Boshamer Stadium.

Fellow senior Alec Olund described seeing Purdue baseball come this far as a surreal moment for him and his teammates.

“It was a long time coming for us,” Olund said, “and we’re just happy to compete and ready to show the Boilermaker passion, and ready to play hard.”

The team has focused on playing more aggressively over the past season, and according to sophomore Skyler Hunter, that style has worked for the team overall.

“I’m a really aggressive guy, and I know all my teammates are, too, so it’s kinda that mad-dog mentality,” Hunter said in a recorded interview. “We know that being overly aggressive can come back and hurt us sometimes, but it also can help us, and I think we’re gonna take our chances with being aggressive.”

Head coach Mark Wasikowski stressed the importance of working hard no matter what seed a team is place at, as upsets are common.

“One seeds are going to go down, two seeds are going to go down, you gotta play well and it don’t matter where you go,” Wasikowski said. “The teams and the names of the teams, it’s going to be about who’s hot and who’s playing the best baseball during that particular stretch of time.”

Editor's Note: This story was changed to reflect the 7 p.m. start time. The NCAA originally announced an earlier game time, but host North Carolina had the option to take the earlier slot and did.

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