5/3/19 Purdue 2, Michigan State 0, Trent Johnson

Sophomore Trent Johnson pitches against Michigan State on Friday. 

In light of the Big Ten basketball tournament cancellation, Purdue baseball coaches say they feel tentative about the remainder of the season. But they fear the worst. 

"We have not heard anything as of right now," assistant coach Chris Marx said. "If they're gonna cancel the one that makes a bunch of money, they're gonna suspend ours I would think."

No official word has been given, but head coach Greg Goff said he should know what is happening within the hour.

Goff suspects the Big Ten will cancel games after the Southeastern Conference's recent decision to suspend all games until March 30.

"That's what we're thinking everybody's going to," he said. 

Goff said he is worried about player eligibility. He believes that if the season is suspended, all players should be given an extra year of eligibility, effectively redshirting the entire team. The team has only played 14 games this season, less than a third of its full schedule. 

Without revenue from the games, Goff worries the program will not have the funds necessary to keep the scholarship players in school. 

For now, Goff said all they can do is wait for a decision. The team will practice at 2 p.m. today and afterward plans to drive down to Evansville for a weekend series that begins early Friday morning. 

"I'm gonna do whatever they tell me to do," Goff said. "If they say, 'Hey, send your guys home, it's spring break,' then that's what I'll do. If they say, 'You can keep them here,' then we give can them a few days off and get back to practicing and just scrimmaging with one another."

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