11/1/19 Southern Indiana, Purdue Pete

Purdue Pete recreates Lebron James's Chalk Toss in front of the student section to get them pumped up for the first game. 

Some students have expressed frustration with the lottery system used to dole out tickets for Boilermaker sporting events.

“I definitely think you could implement a different system than what that is,” said Hayden Retherford, a freshman in Krannert School of Management.

Under the current system, students can enter a lottery system for the chance to get tickets to home games. In order to do this, students can claim tickets for each game that they want. Because more tickets are claimed than space is available almost all the time, the tickets are distributed randomly to each student that claimed a ticket for each individual game.

Students who bought the Boarding Pass have priority in these lotteries. When every Boarding Pass owner receives their share of tickets, the remaining tickets are distributed to those without the pass.

This has upset fans who did not get tickets to specific games they wanted.

“What I would probably want to do is set up something where it’s first-come, first-served, and you get to pick the games you want to go to, and once those games are sold out, then sorry, you’re out of luck,” Rutherford said.

Rutherford clarified that students who own a Boarding Pass should still get priority, but those students should have to take the initiative to claim the tickets that they want early.

Not only are students upset about the system, but the program has also seen problems with communication.

The window to claim tickets was sent to each student’s Purdue email, but Cisco Quarantine flagged the email as spam for many students. For students that didn’t check their spam mail, they had no idea that the window had been sent to them.

One way to avoid the lottery system is by becoming part of the Paint Crew. Available to sophomores and upperclassmen, students can get tickets to every home game guaranteed for just $20 on top of their Boarding Pass.

However, even the Paint Crew has its share of issues.

“You have to go in really early and do a seating lottery,” said Claudia Pobanz, a sophomore from the College of Health and Human Sciences. “I think it should just be first-come, first-served. I don’t want to go into the games three hours before they start. That’s kind of a waste of time.”

Because freshmen are unable to purchase the Paint Crew add-on, and there are only a finite amount of Boarding Passes for sale each year, it can be very difficult for freshmen to get tickets.

Some students believe that it would be beneficial to make the Boarding Pass more accessible by providing more so they don’t sell out as fast.

“I think it’s a great idea because it’s an easier way to get more students involved,” Rutherford said. “I think if everyone had the opportunity to get it, we’d have a lot more numbers and prices would go up, and the school would make a lot more money.”

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