1/15/20 Purdue Athletics Tweet

This shows a Purdue Athletics Twitter posting of the scores of the last five Boilermaker-Hoosier game results on an altered backdrop of Assembly Hall in Bloomington.

A Twitter post by Purdue Athletics, which has since been taken down, has drawn the ire of some Indiana basketball fans.

The Tweet created after the Boilers’ fifth consecutive win at Indiana on Thursday “shows” a Purdue logo on the court and on the scoreboard. It carried a headline, “Feels Like Home” and includes the scores of the last five games in Assembly Hall. It also read, “Purdue’s five-game winning streak is tied for the longest by an opponent in Assembly Hall history” tying Wisconsin’s similar feat from 2008-13. At the bottom of the Tweet, it also said, “Purdue’s 81 points were it’s [sic] most in Assembly Hall since 02/08/99.”

The Purdue Athletics Tweet was on the site on Friday, but has disappeared on Saturday.

On The Daily Hoosier website, it said, “Purdue Athletics just added a second helping of humble pie” with the graphic. The site also said, “While not the kind of move generally expected from a college athletics department, Purdue has earned the right to gloat.”

Later, in the same posting, the Daily Hoosier says “Acts of disrespect towards an opponent’s home field, court or fans have been met with anger and consequences in the past.” The article cited showboating in the NFL and from Big Ten basketball team members.

Rather than on the court antics by players, “Purdue has gone with a more high-tech form of trolling the fans,” the article says.

“The Hoosiers travel to Purdue for the second half of the annual home-and-home series on March 6. We’ll see if this lights anyone’s fire.”

The Daily Hoosier's Facebook account has had a mixed reaction from the story's posting. The comments include reactions such as "we deserve it" to "typical pardoo mentality and sportsmanship." An additional reader comment is more to the point, "F#*heads."

On his Indianapolis-based radio show, ESPN analyst Dan Dakich, a former Indiana player, assistant coach and acting head coach, blasted Indiana basketball, its administration and Coach Archie Miller.

On The Dan Dakich Show, he opened the show by saying, "I got to tell ya that I never heard Indiana former players so mad and it's about damn time ... here's the problem, when you are an Indiana basketball player and having to make excuses for a program that's inept, it's unbelievable. It really is, it's unbelievable."

Since leaving Indiana as interim coach in 2008 and starting his own radio show and becoming an ESPN analyst in 2010, Dakich has been an ardent Purdue Coach Matt Painter advocate. Painter was on Dakich's radio show on Friday.

"Why have you made Indiana University your personal valet?" Dakich asked Painter to open that segment.

"I wouldn't say that," Painter laughed.

Later in the interview Painter explained that his teams are made up of successful players with good attitudes.

"We've had good players, we've had good players" he said. "I take some guys that can't jump over the moon, but they're good basketball players and they can shoot – they might have concrete in their shoes sometimes, but they know what they are doing ... there are players who I like as players, but they can't shoot, (they're) tough ...

"Rapheal Davis was a guy that was not a great shooter. He had so much substance," Painter said. "He was just a tough, hard-nosed defensive player ... if I take a player that can't shoot, does he have those intangibles?"

Painter cited the abilities of Trevion Williams, the desire to win by Eric Hunter, Jr. and the performance of his freshmen as keys for his current team.

Dakich joked with Painter about his team's success against the Hoosiers.

"You're so cool, you're the best and all that, but God dang you're Purdue (and) you're 8-0 (actually 6-0) against the new coach at Indiana whatever the hell (you are), stop it," he said as Painter left the broadcast.

Another site that is more recognizable than The Daily Hoosier is TheHoosier.com. After games former Indiana player Todd Leary from 1989-94 does a web show on the site as well as on YouTube, After the game with Todd Leary.

He was beside himself on Thursday night.

"It's tough to root for this team right now," Leary said. "They're terrible. They're bad. They suck. And there is not anything positive about what we do that I enjoy watching ... Purdue is a better program than Indiana is, that's a fact."

Purdue's recent success in Bloomington got notice, too.

"This is officially Mackey Arena South right now," Leary said. "There's a Mackey  North and a Mackey Arena South. They (the Boilers) win more here than they do at home."

Purdue is 5-0 in the last five games in Assembly Hall and 3-0 in the last three in Mackey.

Leary was particularly annoyed at the Hoosiers' losses that last two seasons.

"When they had Carsen Edwards and Ryan Cline and that whole group, that's a really tough team to beat," he said. "Last year's team at Purdue, not good. This team at Purdue, not good. We're losing to not good teams on our home court. And that's not good ... I'm not going to sit here and act like this if fun to watch, or I'm OK with this.

"When i was a little kid I would throw up if Indiana lost to Purdue. And now that I am adult I feel like throwing up ... it's absolutely frickin' miserable."

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