1/12/20 Michigan State, Fans

Purdue fans cheer on the Boilermakers against Michigan State on Sunday. The Boilermakers beat the No. 8 Spartans, 71-42.

With its win over then No. 8 Michigan State on Sunday, the Purdue men’s basketball team has upped its profile nationally.

Last week, Purdue was No. 43 in the NCAA’s NET Rankings. This week it is No. 34. The NET stands for NCAA Evaluation Tool, which this season replaced the old RPI, Ratings Percentage Index. The Net rankings is used to help the NCAA evaluate teams to be invited to the tournament.

The NET rankings can be significantly different than the traditional Top 25 polls prepared by the Associated Press wire service and USA Today/Coaches polls.

The Top 5 teams in the most recent NET rating, which is updated daily, includes:

No. 1 Baylor (13-1), No. 2 Butler (15-1), No. 3 Duke (15-1), No. 4 San Diego State (16-1) and No. 5 Kansas (11-3).

AP’s Top 25, which is updated each Monday includes:

No. 1 Gonzaga (18-1), No. 2 Baylor, No. 3 Duke, No. 4 Auburn (15-0) and No. 5 Butler.

The USA Today/Coaches Poll, which is also updated each Monday, is identical to AP.

Within the Big Ten, according to the NET rankings, there are:

• No. 12 Michigan State (13-4), No. 16 Ohio State (11-5), No. 17 Maryland (13-3), No. 25 Wisconsin (10-6), No. 29 Michigan (11-5), No. 30 Rutgers (11-4), No. 31 Iowa (11-5), No. 32 Illinois (11-5), No. 34 Purdue (10-7), No. 35 Penn State (12-4), No. 40 Indiana (13-3), No. 41 Minnesota (9-7), No. 138 Northwestern (6-9) and  No. 157 Nebraska (7-9). There are 353 NCAA Division I teams ranked with the bottom team being Chicago State (1-15) – a team Purdue beat 93-49 on No. 16 in Mackey Arena.

Both AP and USA Today only rank the Top 25, but teams that have received some Top 25 votes are also listed in the ranking of votes.

The Big Ten teams in the Top 25 teams, according to AP, include:

• No. 15 Michigan State, No. 17 Maryland, No. 19 Michigan, No. 21 Ohio State and No. 24 Illinois. Iowa, Indiana, Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue and Rutgers received some votes, but not enough to crack the Top 25.

Conference teams in USA Today/Coaches poll include:

• No. 14 Michigan State, No. 17 Maryland (tie), No. 19 Ohio State, No. 20 Michigan and No. 24 Iowa. Indiana, Illinois, Penn State, Rutgers, Wisconsin and Purdue received votes.

On Tuesday, analyst Andy Katz, announced his projected seeding for the NCAA Tournament. He had Purdue as a No. 10 seed in the West. Other Big Ten teams’ seeding, according to Katz, are No. 3 Michigan State, No. 5 Michigan, No. 5 Maryland, No. 6 Wisconsin, No. 6 Ohio State, No. 8 Illinois, No. 8 Penn State, No. 8 Rutgers, No. 9 Iowa, No. 10 Indiana and No. 11 Minnesota.

Joe Lundardi, an ESPN analyst, also has Purdue among his NCAA Tournament seedings at this point. He has the Boilers as a No. 10 in the Midwest.

In addition to Purdue, Lundardi's has 10 other Big Ten teams projected to make the tournament: No. 3 Michigan State, No. 4 Maryland, No. 5 Ohio State, No. 6 Michigan, No. 7 Iowa, No. 7 Wisconsin, No. 7 Penn State, No. 8 Indiana, No. 9 Illinois and No. 9 Rutgers.

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