A recent policy passed by the Purdue Board of Trustees banning any and all waging on Purdue sports may pose problems to March Madness fans on campus.

Passed on Oct. 10, the policy banned all students, faculty and staff from wagering on Purdue athletic events, or any events in which Purdue teams, coaches or student athletes are involved.

Students have expressed frustration with this new rule since it could affect their March Madness brackets in the spring.

"Purdue basketball, there's a pretty good chance they can make it into March Madness, and go pretty deep, so people are gonna want to bet on Purdue," said Zach Jurgens, a freshman in the College of Engineering. "I feel like they shouldn't be able to tell us that we can't do that."

The statement released by the Board of Trustees cited the fact that the NCAA already prohibits certain University officials, as well as coaches and athletes, from betting on sporting events. The board used this as an additional reason to justify the banning of sports wagering.

"I don't personally agree with that," said Hayden Retherford, a freshman from the Krannert School of Management. "I agree that players and coaches shouldn't be allowed to bet, but if you're just a common student and you want to put some money down with a couple of friends, I don't see what the problem is."

This was the sentiment expressed by some students when the rule was first announced, since they wanted autonomy when it came to their own financial activities.

"It's not the school's money," Retherford said. "You're using your own money, and you have the freedom to do what you want with what you have. Especially (for) March Madness time, because that's an insanely big tournament. Everyone bets on it. I bet on it."

The Board of Trustees has not made a statement on the matter since the initial press release in early October, and potential punishments for violators of this rule have still not been decided. With that in mind, Retherford said that some students will continue to bet, assuming they won't get caught.

"I don't think you can enforce it," he said. "It's within your own home. Your own walls."

There are no official plans for enforcement of small betting as of now, but that could change as spring gets closer.

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