12/30/17 Lipscomb, Tommy Luce

Tommy Luce starts a a drive to the basket that ended in a reverse layup. This one, along with another play in the final seconds of Purdue's win over Lipscomb, led on ESPN's SportsCenter on Dec. 30.

Tommy Luce’s two baskets on Dec. 30 against Lipscomb led off ESPN SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt.

After a couple of teasers in opening seconds, Van Pelt commented on video of Luce scoring a career-best four points in the closing moments of Purdue’s 98-66 win.

“But first, the best thing I saw today – I love this, I love this, I love this – there he is, Tommy Luce,” Van Pelt said at the start of SportsCenter.

“Get loose, Tommy! He’s a walk-on. He’s the king of Mackey – look at the bench (after Luce’s reverse layup), look at Mackey.”

Later in the segment, Van Pelt said after a dribble drive to the basket, “Look, Euro steppin’, walk-on buckets. Career-high buckets. Painter, give this guy some minutes!”

When asked about the Play of the Game in the post-game media availability, senior forward Vincent Edwards focused on Luce as well.

The question from Gold and Black Illustrated Stacey Clardie was, “Was the game’s best play a Vince’s deep 3 or Luce’s reverse at the end?”

Edwards shook his head and said it was “Tommy, no Tommy’s crossover finish was the best shot, not even close.”

Isaac Hass chimed with his analysis as well.

“The reverse, the reverse – the spin over the backboard,” he said with a grin.

During the broadcast former Purdue basketball player Robbie Hummel, the Big Ten analyist for the game admired Luce’s handiwork, too.

“I love it, that’s awesome,” he said.

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