5/14/20 Nojel Eastern

On his Twitter account, Nojel Eastern announced today that he is committed to transferring to Michigan.

The online announcement came shortly after 1 p.m. on Thursday. Eastern's announcement that he was leaving Purdue was on Tuesday.

Eastern most likely will sit out a year before becoming eligible to play for the Wolverines. The NCAA is considering allowing a one-time transfer to a different school without having to sit out a year, given the impact COVID-19 had on athletics this season.

He averaged 4.9 points, 2.7 assists in 27 starts for Purdue this season.

Purdue coach Matt Painter discussed the two transfers from the program on the Dan Dakich radio show yesterday.

"Nojel made a really good jump from his freshman to his sophomore year, the he took a step back this year," Painter said on the radio show. "And when you do that and you have a lack of production and you don’t play well and now it’s your turn, well, I don’t know what to say there. Now, you become the outlier. The other guys got better. The other guys improved.

"But, the other guys stayed and fought through adversity, now you walk out the door after you put your name in the draft twice when you average four points. I love him, but he’s got to check his hold card. At the end of the day those other guys were productive."

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