12/30/21 Music City Bowl, Tennessee,running from the tunnel

Head coach Jeff Brohm leads the team out of the tunnel at Nissan Stadium.

Purdue’s board of trustees approved a two-year contract extension for football head coach Jeff Brohm and major renovations for Purdue’s largest athletic venues in a Friday morning meeting.

Brohm’s contract now expires in 2027 with additional amendments, including a continual stipend increase, additional funding for his assistants and two retention bonuses that total $1.5 million.

The two new longevity bonuses will be paid out in 2024 and 2026, and are worth $500,000 and $1 million, respectively. The $4.35 million allocated for Brohm’s support staff will see an annual $250,000 increase in each of the next three years.

Although Brohm’s contract received a two-year extension, no changes were made to the details of his buyout.

“(The buyout) will stay the same through the life of the deal,” Athletic Director Mike Bobinski said. “It has now settled in at $1 million.”

Trustees supported the contract extension, with one citing issues that could arise in the recruitment process as reason alone to be discussing extensions.

“This is a very normal time to (to extend a contract) with four years left,” trustee Michael Klipsch said, “to avoid recruiting questions (such as) ‘are you going to be there when I'm a senior?’”

Ross-Ade and Mackey renovations

Ross-Ade Stadium’s upcoming additions will cost about $45.4 million, while the Mackey Arena enhancements will cost $6.7 million. The facility upgrades are entirely donor-funded, Trustee Don Thompson said.

Ross-Ade will undergo more significant construction than Mackey, especially from the fans’ perspective.

“A pedestrian tunnel will be constructed from the football performance complex to Rohrman Field,” Bobinski said. “The existing team store will be converted into dining facilities for the student athletes, and a concourse will be constructed in the south end zone, which will provide additional seating opportunities.”

Klipsch argued that the tunnel is necessary because now, athletes use the same tunnel as exiting fans when going to the locker room after games.

“It’s just ripe for something bad to happen,” Klipsch said.

The south end zone seating addition will harbor 3,000 to 5,000 more people, which Bobinski said he hopes will become the main student section.

“That would be a really attractive opportunity for our students,” Bobinski said, “to really own part of the stadium and create an appropriately hostile environment for our opponent.”

Construction for the stadium additions are slated to begin in late November and finish in August 2023, trustees.

Mackey renovation plans include an upgrade to the John Wooden Club, including more seating in the men’s and women’s locker rooms, which Bobinski described as “a home base for the athletes.”

The locker rooms will receive a number of new technology amenities and upgrades since it’s been 12 years since the facility has received any upgrades, Bobinski said. The new layout will supposedly utilize the available space better and have a more modern look.

“Student athlete recruitment and retention efforts will benefit from the enhanced arena experience,” Bobinski said. “(To have) a place where (the athletes) can be comfortable and recover quickly is something we don’t have right now, and I think it'd be a really nice step forward.”

Mackey construction plans are expected to be underway in March 2023 and will finish in September 2023 in time for the basketball season.

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