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ANN ARBOR – Michigan football is still the richest football program in the Big Ten.

According to the U.S.Department of Education's recent Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act data, for a time frame that included the 2018 season, Michigan football brought in $122.3 million, good for first in the Big Ten and third nationally in gross revenue. In 2017 Michigan was also first in the conference and third in the nation.

The Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act requires athletic directors to make annual filings to the Department of Education. The most recent data available covers the fiscal year of July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019.

Michigan's expenses for football over that time was $47.5 million, creating a profit of $74.9 million. Michigan's profit dropped eight percent after it made $81.4 million in 2017.

Football revenue made up 70 percent of Michigan's revenue from all of its teams.

Down in Columbus, Ohio State football made $115.1 million, second in the Big Ten behind Michigan, and fifth nationally. Like Michigan, the Buckeyes fell in those same spots in the rankings in 2017, as well.

Ohio State's expenses cost $60.1 million (about $12.6 million more than Michigan). Ohio State's profit after expenses was $55 million, a 14 percent drop from its $64.3 million the year before.

Football revenue accounted for 78 percent of Ohio State's revenue from its teams.

The gross revenue list for Big Ten football teams in that time frame:

1. Michigan, $122.3 million

2. Ohio State, $115.1 million

3. Penn State, $100.1 million

4. Nebraska, $94.3 million

5. Wisconsin, $89.9 million

6. Iowa, $81.0 million

7. Michigan State, $75.5 million

8. Northwestern, $63.2 million

9. Minnesota, $63.0 million

10. Illinois, $58.2 million

11. Purdue, $54.8 million

12. Indiana, $52.6M million

13. Maryland, $46.6 million

14. Rutgers, $26.7 million

The top 10 nationally for that same time frame:

1. Texas, $156.1 million

2. Georgia, $123.1 million

3. Michigan $122.3 million

4. Notre Dame, $115.5 million

5. Ohio State, $115.1 million

6. Penn State, $100.1 million

7. Auburn, $95.2 million

8. Oklahoma $94.8 million

9. Alabama $94.6 million

10. Nebraska, $94.3 million

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