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Assata Gilmore, current Purdue Student Government vice president and junior in the Krannert School of Management, and Hannah Walter, current senator and junior in the College of Health and Human Sciences, were announced as the next president and vice president with 58% of the vote.

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Provost Jay Akridge announced the remote delivery of summer classes, Summer Transition, Advising and Registration days for incoming students and the cancellation of all May events on campus in an email to Boilermakers Monday morning.

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Almost two weeks after Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb issued a stay-at-home order for the entire state, three men were cited for defying that order after taking their motorcycles for a joyride on campus.

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A few weeks ago, The Exponent published a story about the Indiana General Assembly’s bill to declare basketball the state sport. In an effort to drive engagement and hear the voice of the people, we asked in our social media tagline what sport you, the reader, thought deserved the title of “…

The Catch-Up

College athletes strive for greatness daily in hopes of eventually playing a sport for their career, but their coaches make a healthy living of their own mentoring these young players.

Game-time decisions are most commonly heard of in football, basketball and baseball. However, in college diving, it can be a critical factor in winning an event, just as it was for junior diver Steele Johnson at this year’s NCAA swimming and diving championships, held at the University of Mi…

Steele Johnson and Adam Soldati were recognized with individual honors as Purdue men’s swimming and diving finished 13th to match its best showing in the modern era on the final night of the NCAA Championships on Saturday.

Purdue’s 2016 Olympic medalists Amanda Elmore and Steele Johnson were among the 11 Olympians from the state of Indiana in attendance Sunday as the group was recognized with a pair of prestigious honors in conjunction with the Colts’ season opener.