11/20/20 Swim Meet, Teammates Cheering

Some teammates from the swim team line up and cheer on their teammates as they compete in the men’s 200 yard freestyle.

The Purdue swim team held its second intrasquad meet on Friday, where athletes recorded their official times for the 2020 season in different events. This was the final meet of not only the semester, but possibly the 2020-2021 season.

With the future of the 2020 season unclear, many seniors are left with questions about how they will go about their future as Purdue swimmers.

“It feels like that decision changes every week,” senior Kelsey Macaddino said, referring to the NCAA’s decision regarding the rest of the season. “(Seniors) talk about it all the time. We definitely try to make the most of everything, but I don’t feel like that was the last time I swam for Purdue.”

The NCAA has offered an extra year of eligibility to all Division I athletes due to the effects of COVID-19, which leaves upperclassmen with a difficult decision on whether to return.

“I’m not sure. I kind of want to move forward with my career,” Macaddino said. “I feel like at the end of this year I’ll be happy with the four years I’ve had on this team.”

Despite the circumstances, the team swam as comfortably as ever on Friday. During the meet, many athletes could be seen dancing to the music played over the intercom, as well as showing off their camaraderie between events. The energy in the Morgan J. Burke Aquatic Center was a community of encouragement.

Macaddino, who finished with two victories, a second and third-place finish in her individual races, says that the team hasn’t missed a beat.

“(It’s going) really well. It’s been so fun,” Macaddino said. “Even with such a weird year, we bring so much energy. It’s definitely fun to see them do so well.”

A notable standout performance came from former NCAA qualifier and junior Nick Sherman. He was able to draw a crowd in his dominant victory in the men’s 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:35.41, the third-fastest finish in school history.

Freshman Coleman Modglin stole the meet with impressive victories in both the men’s 200-yard individual medley and the men’s 200-yard breaststroke. His time of 1:57.23 in the breaststroke ranks as the eighth-fastest time in school history.

“Unlike the upperclassmen, I have nothing to compare this to,” Modglin said. “I’m just excited to do any racing with a ‘P’ on my cap.”

Modglin also won the men’s 200-yard breaststroke during the Nov. 6 meet, although he said he thought he’s improved since then.

“I tried to work on my stroke count,” Modglin said. “It wasn’t there during the last meet and that showed with my endurance, but I went from seven or eight strokes per twenty-five meter, down to six or seven. That was very good for me.”

His early success and improving times have him in the hunt for competition with Sherman.

“I like to think we have a friendly rivalry,” Modglin said. “He’s very motivating and influential, so I’m glad to have him around next year so we can duke it out at more meets.”

Modglin may be a freshman, but has a big goal planned for his time at Purdue.

“I’d like to put my name up on that record board,” Modglin said. “My main event is the 200 breaststroke, but the 100 breaststroke would also be super awesome.”

Freshman Aaron Frollo won the men’s 500-yard freestyle with a time of 4:35.01. He was consistent throughout the race, holding on to a close lead and eventually pulling away with endurance.

“It’s one of my stronger events,” Frollo said. “I knew I could go out strong, and once I had a lead I could get comfortable.”

Frollo also spoke on his relationship with senior Trent Pellini.

“He’s so encouraging,” Frollo said. “I’m not the most outspoken person, but he’s always there to chat and hype me up.”

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