1/27/19 Purdue Men's Tennis, Dominik Sochurek and Athell Bennett

Junior Athell Bennett and senior Dominik Sochurek celebrate their No. 2 doubles victory against their opponents, IUPUI's Grant Weaver and Kyle Whittaker. The Boiler duo won 6-0.

Purdue was victorious with a 6-1 win against IUPUI Sunday at the Schwartz Tennis Center.

Head coach Pawel Gadjzik said the match against the Jaguars had been significantly better than the last few matches the Boilermakers have played in. Gajdzik said the mindset of the men’s team was different in its match against IUPUI on Sunday. The team faced a loss in its previous match against Drake.

After the match versus Drake, the doubles pairings for the team shifted. In the match against IUPUI each player played with a different teammate than they did in the match against the Bulldogs.

“We have a lot of options there. We are trying to figure out which doubles combinations are going to work the best. We are looking for chemistry between the guys,” said Gadjzik. “There is chemistry in a lot of combinations and we need to figure out which combination is the best.”

In the match against IUPUI, Purdue crushed doubles play. Bennett and Sochurek were the first to finish their match in position two beating their opponents 6-0. Position one where Julio and Raupuk were playing finished next with a score of 6-3. In position three, Galan and Koenigsfest went unfinished with a score of 4-3.

Bennett, in particular, dominated the court against IUPUI. He won both his doubles and singles matches. Bennett was paired with Sochurek for doubles play facing the Jaguars, though he has been playing with Raupuk for doubles play the majority of the season. 

Bennett looks for to playing with Sochurek more throughout the season and seeing how their relationship develops.

 “Today was one of the first times we have played together," Bennett said. "We’ve been practicing together for a while now. We have good chemistry, we’re always hanging out. It was a request I made to play with him, it’s been going well so far.”

Since Purdue’s match against Toledo, Bennett’s singles position has moved from the third position to the first position. Bennett attributes the majority of his improvement to the weight room. He has been improving his serve and his forehand on the court as well.

“He’s been successful in the last few weeks. It’s time to challenge him and see what he’s made of,” Gadjzik said.

Gadjzik found the transition from doubles to singles in the match against IUPUI was much better than it has been in the past for the team.

“We finished doubles, talked about a few things we wanted to address, and the guys responded very well to that,” Gadjzik said.

Progressing into the season the team will continue to focus on transitions from doubles to singles. Another focus of the team will be to work on transition plays between the baseline and volleys according to Gadjzik.

Gadjzik shared that next weekend's upcoming matches will be a good challenge for the Boilermakers before they proceed into Big Ten play.

The men's tennis team takes on Marquette University at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Schwartz Tennis Center. The Boilermakers also play at 3 p.m. versus University of Wisconsin Green Bay. 

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