Here are highlights from Athletics Director Mike Bobinski's media session on July 7concerning the new NCAA ruling on the use of Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) by current and future student-athletes.

Bobinski speaks on the following topics:

0:00 - 1:24 - Purdue's approach to NIL legislation so far

1:40 - 2:23 - The role Purdue Athletics will play in supporting student-athletes on NIL opportunities

2:24 - 4:33 - Why the values of Purdue matter in the approach to NIL and why the institution is comfortable with the present state of the issue.

4:34 - 5:55 - Encouraging students to ask questions, work with compliance team

5:56 - 6:40 - Trying to be engaged with student-athletes to stay involved in the process

6:41 - 7:30 - On why it was important to provide resources to Purdue student-athletes on this issue