3/17/17 NCAA Tournament, Green Bay, Ashley Morissette

Purdue senior Ashley Morrissette tries to drive while she's double-teamed by Green Bay at the Purcell Pavilion on Friday. Morrissette scored a team-best 24 points in the Purdue win, 74-62.

There are a few things that make the Boilermakers nervous, but their next opponent isn't one of them.

Freshman guard Dominique Oden was able to name a few things immediately: her mom, schoolwork and going to a practice after a bad game. Playing the game isn't anywhere near making her list though.

"When it comes to the game, you've practiced so hard there's no reason to be nervous," Oden said. "It's just excitement. I'm excited to be here and I want to keep playing with the team."

A No. 1 seed Notre Dame team is just the next challenge for the No. 9 seed Boilers.

Purdue has been underdogs more than once this tournament season, taking down higher-seeded Indiana and Ohio State teams in the Big Ten tournament. Adding on the victory over No. 8 seed Green Bay from Friday and the Boilers think they are ready to face anyone.

"Notre Dame is a top team in the country. ... We just have to go out and play our basketball," said junior guard Andreona Keys in a press conference with Fighting Irish Media. "If we're confident in ourselves, that's all we need. ... We accept the challenge all the time and no matter who we play we're ready."

Where the Fighting Irish differ from past challenges is their multitude of threats that the Boilers will have to shut down. 

"They have weapons everywhere on the floor," said head coach Sharon Versyp in a press conference with Fighting Irish Media. "They have great 3-point shooting, a very athletic post player that can score a variety of different ways. You have to limit something; you're not going to take everything away."

This was shown in Notre Dame's game against Robert Morris in the first round where four players had points in the double digits. Of those four, two players were able to lock down a double-double as well.

Versyp thinks that the team will be able to pull together the keys to its success against the Fighting Irish.

"One is our defense, that's been a big key to our success," she said. "Offensively we need key players to step up. ... Doesn't mean they have to score a ton of points but they need to rebound and score some points. Those are going to be the X-factor areas."

Tipoff for the Boilers will be at 9 tonight on ESPN and ESPN3.

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