11/10/19 Milwaukee, Tamara Farquhar

Junior guard Tamara Farquhar dribbles past Milwaukee’s Tadri Heard. Farquhar scored 8 points for the Boilers during Sunday’s home opener.

Riding a 68-55 victory over Milwaukee on Sunday, Purdue women’s basketball is traveling to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Boilers (1-0) expressed satisfaction with their performance this weekend. Compared to their exhibition game against Southern Indiana, the whole team has greatly improved on both offense and defense.

Senior guard Dominique Oden said confidence is the key to help the team do better on offense.

“I feel like our defense, transition into offense and just moving the ball around was a big difference between the exhibition game and the last game,” Oden said.

Oden scored a team-high 16 points last game with four 3-pointers. She said she felt very comfortable taking those 3-pointers because the team was able to create the space for her to accomplish those shots.

Oden said they will study skills for both teams. More importantly, they need to focus on their comfort level.

“We have to focus on ourselves as well, make sure we know what we we’re doing, offensively and defensively,” she said, “and just work on putting in the pieces that coach has for us in practice.”

Head coach Sharon Versyp said the team has to tighten things up against the University of Tennessee (1-2). The Boilers need to continue to move and share the basketball, get great shots and stay in rhythm.

“We’ve (got to) be able to get a lot of paint touches where we can score the ball as well as being able to face up 15-foot shots and step out to shoot from three,” Versyp said.

Versyp said Tennessee has three to four good shooters and the Boilers have to play the same type of game they did against Milwaukee.

But she is not worried about the upcoming games. Versyp believes the players on the team are not just traditional players due to their skills on offense and defense.

Yesterday was National Signing Day, and the team signed Madison Layden and Ra’Shaya Kyle to join the Boilermaker family next year. Versyp said they are both high-character players and will be able to fit well into Purdue’s basketball culture.

“They bring amazing elements to the table,” Versyp said. “For them to be Indiana kids, they want to come here, Purdue, to win championships.”

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