4/15/18 Boilermaker Classic, Inez Wanamarta

Freshman Inez Wanamarta drives the ball during a 2018 game. Wanamarta made 18 straight pars during the third round of the tournament at Ackerman-Allen Course.

The NCAA women's golf tournament came to an abrupt halt at regionals in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when tournament play was canceled Wednesday because of heavy rainfall on the course, ending the Purdue women's golf season.

A Purdue press release said the regional could not be extended to Thursday and Friday.

The regional was supposed to begin on Monday but was postponed to Tuesday because of rainstorms. On Tuesday, there was another delay to Wednesday. Over the two days, the course received about 7 inches of rain.

"The course is playable, but not playable at a championship level," Brad Hurlburt, one of the NCAA committee representatives on site, said from the front steps of Louisiana State University's course.

This sparked outcry from the athletes present. A video posted by freshman Sara Byrne, a player from the University of Miami, documented the announcement and has been circulating social media. Players were heard shouting about how the decision was unfair and would end careers. One golfer told the committee representatives they should be ashamed of themselves.

"You just said it's playable," an off-screen athlete shouted.

Byrne also posted pictures of the course on her Twitter account claiming that the course was playable and that the University of Miami coaches walked the course and also deemed it playable. The pictures showed a golf course with gorgeous blue skies, green grass and some puddles on the fairway.

The cancellation policy dictates that the top six seed teams and top three seed individuals not on one of the six teams would move on, per a release on the NCAA website. Eleventh-seed Purdue did not have any seeded individuals advance.

The college careers of two Purdue golfers - Inez Wanamarta and Lauren Guiao - ended Wednesday. 

Officials from Purdue golf have not responded to a request for a comment.

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