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For over five years, Farmhouse Fraternity has been partnering with the non-profit organization “Be the Match” and raising awareness of the need for healthy bone marrow.

Purdue researchers hope to alleviate some of the painful side effects of chemotherapy by better targeting the right "address" of cancerous masses in the body, according to a Purdue News Service press release.

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Dedication, hard work and a go-getter attitude are all things the Purdue Electric Racing club strives for, all the while building the best electric car.

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What is your favorite pump-up song to listen to before a game?

August is winding down, and West Lafayette is once again full of people and energy. There is likewise a noticeable buzz around Purdue football, possibly more so than any other year over the past decade. After all, this is a team which completed a four-win turnaround in one season under first…

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