9/17/21  Fort Wayne, Purdue Bench

Members of the Purdue volleyball team celebrate as the team scores the final few points to complete the 3-0 sweep over Fort Wayne. 

Just like that, Purdue's run in the sixth annual Stacey Clark Classic came to an exciting end.

No. 9 Purdue (8-1) capped off a two-day exhibition against three teams with a 3-0 win over the No. 22 Tennessee Volunteers (8-2), 25-19, 25-22 and 25-23.

Fire alarms were set off for an unknown reason towards the end of the first set, causing fans to file out in an orderly fashion as Purdue led by a slim 3-point margin. The alarms stopped a potential Tennessee comeback run, with the Volunteers closing in after starting off the set down by as many as four points.

Firefighters would give the green light to resume play after a few minutes of investigation, according to a tweet from Purdue volleyball. It is unknown if there was a fire in the building.

Though remaining errorless for large parts towards the beginning of the game, a streak of errors still plagued both sides in the middle of the first set. Nine errors, including three errors in a row, were committed between the set's seventh and 18th rounds, setting both sides back and stopping potential scoring runs.

Purdue would end the set by scoring three straight points after the break, taking the first set 1-0.

Purdue would end the set with 16 kills and just four errors, while the Volunteers gathered 13 kills with five errors.

While the sudden break rattled the Volunteers in the first set, Tennessee would get back on its feet and find a consistent rhythm when it needed it the most. They would push back from an early deficit off of a string of Purdue errors, tying up the game by the set's 14 round with a streak of four straight points.

Though the second set remained as contested as the last one, Purdue seemed to have the set secure after gaining a comfortable four-point lead against the Volunteers. Errors again plagued the Boilers, slowing down a decisive win with errors from junior hitter Maddy Chinn and freshman hitter Ali Hornung.

Purdue would go on to take the second set 25-22 off the back of two straight kills from senior hitter Grace Cleveland.

Purdue sealed the deal with one final error from the Volunteers after the ball sailed out of bounds from a strong Tennessee strike. The Boilermakers would take the series 3-0 with that error.

The Boilermakers will have a chance to rest before playing the Ohio State Buckeyes in their first round of Big Ten play this Friday at 7 p.m. in Holloway Gymnasium. The game can be streamed on BTN+.

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